Pete Ball recorded in Lancaster - November 2005

Pete's music and songwriting is heartfelt and engaging. Check out the songs I recorded for him at his home in November 2005. He's the one playing the violin in the picture which was taken in Woolacombe, Devon, July 2005.
Sadly Pete passed away on November 5th 2010. He will be greatly missed by all his friends, family and devoted partner Barbara. Unfortunately I didn't get to see him in the last months of his life, but I will always remember the weekend we had recording these songs; enormous fun and a real pleasure hearing Pete's performance. All helped along with plenty of wine and under the watchful eye of Dave Emptage, one of Pete's closest friends and occasional music partner in crime. Eventually after what seemed the longest Saturday ever and a long distance dialogue to agree the mixes we came up with the five gems below. I hope to be able to add to this page with more photos and material from the great man but in the meantime, farewell Pete you are a legend!

Additional guitar on Money and Geronimo by Paul Graves.
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A collection of songs from another of Pete's projects - All The Way From ...
Down this road
McAlpines Feast
Driving Wheel
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The night these pics were taken Pete and Barb rocked up for a barbeque and a few glasses of campers delight. I knew he was a competent musician but had no idea he played violin, that was a surprise and so it turned out to be a really entertaining evening. With Dave playing too and my rhythmic contribution on a set of plastic camping bowls (well you've got to join in haven't you?) it was a great night. I think the snaps show how enthralled we were with Pete's playing........